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[the aftertaste is gonna break my heart]


RE: Sunagakure Council of Elders:

These're my balls. Suck 'em. Fall's comin' in Konoha an' that means cold. I don't DO cold. Find someone else t'look pretty for th' other countries (I vote Temari); I'm gettin' hitched for you bastards. Don't push your luck. You all might've been great nin back in th' day, but one good push an' your hips'll snap. You're real fragile an' top-heavy. Th' tower's got a lotta stairs.

Looks like nothin' really changed when I was out in th' desert doin' my thing. I return crabbier, tanner, smellier, an' maybe even a lil' stronger. It's a tossup, since I'm pretty damn dehydrated an' I feel all---all wrung out. S'weird.

For th' record: haven't been mopin', not up ta talkin', not buyin' th' first round, enough said. PS, anyone willin' ta read over a coupla chapters of Cankuroh an' Buta: Th' Death of th' Swine for me? It's a real page-turner.
Gaara, never mind th' note I left you. Get th' marriage set up. I don't give a shit. If I don't have a choice, I don't fuckin' have a choice. I get it. I need...a break. Nurses cleared me an' shit, so I'm gonna be out trainin' for a while. I'll be back eventually, unless I die of dehydration an' shit.

It's jus' a fuckin' woman. Her name's Umeko. She's quiet. Real pretty. Civilian---c'n you believe it? Me an' a civilian. She doesn't have a CLUE what I do in th' field.

I'm gonna walk all over her, an' the council won't even care so long as we smile good for th' villagers an' that pretty face don't end up too bruised. She'll be my property, after all, an' a man c'n do whatever he wants t'do with his property.

[hello darkness my old friend]

It didn't take th' council long, now did it. I almost gotta wonder WHERE they found her. Apparently, she's got a helluva lot of money an' she hasn't heard anythin' but good things 'bout me.

Gettin' married in November.

Gaara? We need ta talk.


[i drink, therefore i am]

Oh fine. Sure. You all go out an' drink when I've VOWED TA TH' NURSES that I won't drink 'til I'm off painkillers.

I'm up an' about again. An' sober, ta boot! Whaddya know. Sober enough t'find that scorpion left in my bed this mornin'---who's keen on killin' me now? Thankfully, th' little bugger decided not ta ADD ta th' poison I've got in my system already, an' I caught it, milked it, an' named it Supatto an' put it in a lil' box. So, cute attempt would-be killer: cute, but you gotta get up pretty early in th' mornin' t'outwit me.

Speakin' of early in th' mornin', I need ta catch you before your meetin's tomorrow, Gaara. I wanted t'know how things've been goin' in that search for that little stuffed fox you lost. Y'know th' one I'm talkin' 'bout---scrawny, squinty, kinda ugly? I hear th' fox is bein' missed in Konoha, so I need ta talk t'you 'bout what you want my department t'do about it.

Uh. An'. Uh. Ino.


I dunno what t'say ta you, but I thought I should at least mention you. So hi.

[why'd you have to be so hard and cold?]

See in suna, aftercare is puttin' th' patient in their own bed 'cause th' hospital fills up too damned quick an' they need th' space so other people c'n die in a clean bed with sheets an' shit.

so yeah. Movin' back ta my room tomorrow.

this palmwine's cALLING MY NAME TONIGHT. IT SAYS KANKUROU YOU JACKASS IM YOUR BEST FRIEND an' I say yes bottle of palmwine-san you are my only friend :(

shh I'm not s'posed ta wake Neji up. HE'LL PROLLY BE GRUMPY

[and if we are just friends...]


Stop readin' my mail. I don't care if you're sp'osed ta 'r not; don't mail me back.

I mail letters ta Ino 'cause I wanna talk ta her. You...

Unless you're buyin' th' first couple rounds when I get back, no more letters.
So knittin's not as bad as I thought it'd be. I mean, I work with strings ev'ry day; this en't nothin' new by my count. It's pretty damn easy, an' it's somethin' ta do.


[you know it will always just be me]

Gaara. Missions. Please. I'm goin' nuts without anythin' ta do.

I've been takin' in some of my pants. Guess I lost weight in Konoha. Go figure. Must've been Ino's cookin'---shit was damn well inedible, even for my stomach. And yeah, I've got mild poisons in my face paints ta increase my body's resistance ta shit like that, so I'm sayin' somethin'.

I miss my cat. An' I don't even like cats.